Top 5 Android apps for S Pen / Stylus

Sahil Pabby
3 min readMar 29, 2022
Photo by Zana Latif on Unsplash

Do you own an S Pen or use stylus with your android device? If yes, then you should definitely check out the top five Android apps that make using S Pen fun and exciting.

Draw it

This is a fun online drawing game where you compete against others. The more items you can draw within a certain time, the more points you get.

You don’t have to be an artist, I’m certainly not, but as long as you get the image in the ballpark of the item, the AI usually detects it.

You can easily spend hours playing and improving your ranking.


This is the planner that will replace your physical one as it looks just like it.

There is something magical about using a pen and paper to plan your day and this app gets closest to that since you can’t carry your planner everywhere.

This app is easy to navigate. You can use 4 different planners and can start using them right away.


This app is great if you ever wanted to learn how to draw.

You can follow live drawing tutorials and follow along with the sketches in real-time.

If you just want to relax with some coloring, there are numerous outlines that are updated regularly.

If you are comfortable drawing, you can join ongoing challenges and show off your talent.


This is one of my favorite apps. The perfect app for sketch noting and mind mapping.



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